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Here are some brief descriptions of the most commonly used types of appliance, however your orthodontist will be able to give you more detailed explanations and advise on which is the most suitable for you.

Fixed appliances

Fixed appliances are commonly referred to as “train-tracks”. They are glued onto the teeth and stay in place throughout the duration of your treatment. A combination of elastics and wires are then used to gently move the teeth into position.

These are type of appliance that are funded by NHS for suitable cases.

Clear braces

Clear fixed braces work in a very similar way to the metal braces shown above however are much more discreet as they are tooth-coloured. They are available as a self-funded option for anyone wishing a more discreet appliance


Invisalign has changed the way we straighten teeth. It’s not hard to see why Invisalign is so in demand: it gives you all the benefits of a fixed brace with none of the inconvenience. It’s discreet, comfortable– and even removable. Most importantly it’s also great at straightening teeth!


One of the most discreet orthodontic options available, Incognito lingual braces combine the effectiveness of a traditional fixed brace with the latest technology to perfect your smile.

Removable Brace

Removable appliances are used for minor tooth corrections and can also be used to improve how teeth bite together. They are usually made from a plastic plate and wire clips to keep them in place. These braces are generally worn on a full-time basis although must be removed for brushing and sports.

Functional appliances

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