Once you have had your brace removed, we want you to retain that great looking smile. Without a retainer, it is possible that your teeth could move back to how they were. Wearing a retainer is a lifelong commitment but don’t worry, they are both discreet and comfortable.

There are a couple of different types of retainers, the most common one being a clear removable one, a little bit like a mouth guard, that you’ll usually need to only wear at night. Removable retainers can be easily lost or misplaced, so make sure you keep yours safe!

In some cases we may need to fit a fixed retainer. This is a thin piece of wire which is glued to the inside surfaces of your front teeth. It’s a little more tricky to clean than a removable retainer, but we can provide you with advice before your treatment is complete.

As a private patient you can also benefit from a discount on teeth whitening once your braces are removed. We will also provide all required retainers as part of your treatment and will supervise these for a full year.

The British Orthodontic Society recently released a video which explains the need for long-term retainers very well and is well worth watching. You can see it here:

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