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Here are some brief descriptions of the most commonly used types of appliance, however your orthodontist will be able to give you more detailed explanations and advise on which is the most suitable for you.
  • RDevelopment of periodontal disease.
  • REarly tooth loss.
  • RExertion of the chewing muscles.
  • RNeck, shoulder and back pain.

Functional appliances

Functional appliance are designed to improve how the bite fits together and can be useful to reduce the prominence of upper front teeth. They are usually removable and in 2 parts – an upper and a lower. They should be worn as much as possible, but like removable appliances should be removed for brushing and sports.

Removable appliances

Removable appliances are used for minor tooth corrections and can also be
used to improve how teeth bite together. They are usually made from a plastic plate and wire clips to keep them in place. These braces are generally worn on a full-time basis although must be removed for brushing and sports.

Clear aligners (Invisalign)

Aligner treatment can be a good option for patients who would prefer a more aesthetic appliance. Using a series of clear aligners the teeth are gradually moved into position. This treatment is only available as a self-funded option, your orthodontist can give you more information and advise if this treatment would be suitable for you.

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